Eureka College Swot Analysis

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Mission Statement Eureka College is a liberal arts and science institution and is affiliated with the Christian Church. The main objectives for the school are to cultivate excellence in the learning, service, and leadership areas. The institution also develops it members to exceed in life and in their professional roles. The mission statement here clearly states that it is focused on developing the individual into someone that is well rounded and knows the ways of the world. The whole educational experience at Eureka College is designed to help the student achieve ten goals that help challenge and find potential. These ten goals focus on how to develop awareness in the cultural, social, and the natural environments that surround them. The development of values, communication, and intellect are also key in the list of ten goals here at Eureka. The idea of searching for ways to further the welfare of humanity and developing an awareness of…show more content…
This excellent service can be done by those that care about our world and the people that inhabit it. Service can be serving others in some helpful way. The main idea of service is that the individual isn’t the most important and other people could use help and good advice. Being a good leader means that the leader knows how to serve the people he is working for. Leadership is another trait that can’t be easily developed, but only with thorough diligence and dedication. Eureka College can help develop those that desire more in the field of leadership and service. Being a good leader means you have the interpersonal strength to deal with difficult issues. Leadership qualities are desired but not easily attainable without outside help. The main idea that Eureka tries to convey to the student is that if you want to have a successful and productive life, then Eureka College can help you pursue that goal as long as you try hard and stay focused on your
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