Marywood University Mission Statement Analysis

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The mission statement and core values of Marywood University have been instilled upon the facility and student body to act as guidelines for completing your education, making you a more rounded individual, and to prepare you for the future. They are not only values that the university wants you to follow but they should be used as guidelines for your life before and after your time at Marywood. At Marywood University there is a Mission Statement and Core Values for everyone to follow. The Core Values are, Catholic Identity, Respect for Each Person, Empowerment, Service and Commitment to Excellence. Marywood University takes pride in their liberal arts program. Classes such as Writing Skills, University 100 and Modern Belief are all classes that Marywood University takes pride in. I agree with the University that all students should be required to take these classes to broaden their horizons in all different subjects. The classes offered at Marywood are a good guide to help us become more diverse on topics which will help us get jobs in the…show more content…
The Core Values at Marywood University are to shape us to be the best possible human being we can be. All the qualities that I would want and need to be a successful person out of college are being demonstrated here. The Mission Statement and Core Values are something that I will have in my head every morning and try my best to complete every Core Value each day to make my stay at Marywood University the best it can be for others and also myself. Every student and staff member at Marywood follows the Core Values and Mission Statement everyday which makes the campus so peaceful and fun. You can talk to anyone or go anywhere and know that that people will try to follow the Core Values to gain respect for one another and also try to make you time here the best it can possibly

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