Graduation Speech: The Four Pillars Of The National Honor Society

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Ever since I was a child I’ve found my self to very meticulous about my grades, my skills, and my contribution to society. I believe that to make your name in this world is to make an impact on society. To be remembered. I have always wanted to be remembered. I feel that in order for success you must follow a certain set of guided ideas. Those ideas shall lead you to success and self-pride. These ideas can also be called the Four Pillars of the National Honors Society: Scholarship, leadership, service, and character. To follow these pillars is the key to being remembered, it’s the key to success. To be inducted into the National Honors Society, to me, would be my greatest accomplishment in Lenape High School. To know that my intense hard work paid off in the end would institute the self-confidence in myself in which I know that I can take the world by storm. Growing up in the shadows of two brilliant older siblings, shining both in academics as well as athleticism I’ve always had to fight to make my name prominent in my family. Essentially, I wished to shine the light on myself for a change. Now the question lies before me: “why should you be inducted into the National Honors Society?” The National Honors Society is an organization that only exceptional students and members of the community are inducted. To consider myself an exceptional…show more content…
By being part of such a prestigious national society I hope to create great awareness for many causes. Not only would I contribute to the ideas and advancement of this organization but I’d hope to help in the process of executing them as well. The main goals of the society are to promote the four pillars into young students and have them grow onto it resulting in a model high school student. I wish for all students to follow these pillars because they can lead to success as well as betterment of the school and

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