Eth 316 Individual Assignment

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives ETH/316: Ethics and Social Responsibility University of Phoenix Cross-Cultural Perspectives McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain restaurant in the world. Ray Kroc founded the franchise in 1955 in California. McDonald’s server millions of customers daily. The company pride itself on their tasty hamburgers and delicious french-fries. McDonald’s is also known for its quick service and its drive through. The company went from one restaurant location, to locations in different states, to a global corporation. McDonald’s continue to thrive on providing meals at a low cost to customers. McDonald’s have more than 30,000 restaurant locations in more than 100 countries around the world. McDonald’s makes billions of dollars each year but they still issues in the global sector (McDonald’s, 2011). McDonald’s established their first restaurant in Japan in 1971 (McDonald’s, 2011). This establishment brought about some issues because of the cultural differences. Some of the issues are food preparation, food organization, and food delivery. Even though McDonald’s way of doing business contradicted with the Japanese ethics, and traditions, through compromise, and social responsibility they have managed to minimized there differences. Besides McDonald’s other businesses have expanded globally such as auto companies like Ford Motor Company. However, their approach was different in comparison to McDonald’s. McDonald’s Cultural Issues in Japan: Food organization The Japanese are known for preparing home cooked meals. Besides home cooked food preparation, the way it is organized is also very important. According to Megan “Obentos are boxed lunches Japanese mothers make for their nursery school children. Following Japanese code for food preparation, the lunches are intricately arranged and have cultural order and meaning”
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