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GLT Task 1 “Globalization is the development of an increasingly integrated global economy” ("Merriam-Webster,"). There are many non-native western cultures that have been impacted by globalization. Some of these changes are for the better and some for the worst. The two that I would like to talk about are Japan and Africa. I will start with Japan and discuss the food culture and end with Africa discussing its financial and trade impacts along with health care impacts. Globalization has affected Japan in its and food culture. Japan also was very big into homemade food. Food played a big part of the Japanese culture. Traditional Japanese food has been replaced by fast food. Prior to fast foods being introduced into Japan, Japanese women were expected to make homemade lunches for their school children. This provided the children with knowledge of the importance of education, knowing they didn’t have to worry about their food and that it would be provided. The Japanese culture has transformed from sushi and wasabi to McDonalds. Not only does this change the food they are eating but it changes the health of the Japanese. The Japanese people used to eat homemade meals. Eating out was not a popular thing. The elderly population of Japan still tends to make homemade food and eats at home. Now with many fast food chains in Japan, the younger population of Japan eats out frequently. The increase in eating out has caused the obesity rate to increase. An increase in obesity is causing a decrease in health among this culture. With the decrease in health in the younger population, Japan will face a health care problem in the future. Africa used to be known as a culture with great tradition. Each tribe in Africa had their own traditions in food, language, dance and song. Africa used to be very involved in world trade with their abundant supply of goods.

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