What Causes Obesity In America

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Handson Tran English 9C Mrs. Fox 4/14/13 The Cause to America’s obesity epidemic We have been reading articles based on the prompt which is “what causes America’s obesity epidemic”? Based on the articles, they explain America’s obesity epidemic and how it is caused by fast food from fast food restaurants. The articles “Not so Happy Meals”, “By any other name, it’s still a supersize” and “Fast Food aspires to fast casual” are different but they are on the same concept which is America’s obesity epidemic. Fast Foods provide different ingredients to people obese. Each article talks about either how, what, and why they are serving customers fast food that are making them obese. In one of the articles called “Not so Happy Meals,” explains…show more content…
It talks about fast food restaurants up scaling their food, they are contributing to America’s obesity epidemic. To demonstrate, “consumers are exposed to a lot more these days with their food channel and food blogs”(Jargon). This shows that fast food restaurants uses fresh food than canned food. This is important because fresh foods are better than canned food. Moreover, the articles tells us that, “Yum’s U.S. business notched a 6% increase in same-store in the third quarter ended Sept. 8, driven by Taco Bell”(Jargon).This proves that 13% gain in same-store sales. This is significant because the new Cantina Bowl products and tacos made with Doritos shells were behind the growth. Therefore, fast food restaurants are up scaling which contribute with America’s obesity problem. In conclusion, the reason for America’s obesity epidemic is that the fast food restaurants are giving the customers foods that are supersized. The articles above state the reason why and what caused the obesity problem. The only reason why the customers are obese is because the fast food restaurants are just selling the foods that are provided for them to sell and to collect their money. Customers, as you can see are also obese because they are being persuaded into buying the fast food. Fast food restaurants are doing a bad thing to cause people to be obese from the food that they provide to the

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