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Berry Burst Cheerios Case Looking at the original map, we saw an opportunity to move along the X-axis and upwards on the Y-Axis to further accentuate the health benefits and taste, respectively. We decided not to feature the health benefits too much because we will run into the danger of cannibalizing honey nut cheerios. We have decided to take a different angle compared to previous ads and target young children and parents – specifically the act of bonding that occurs with a healthy, exciting breakfast. Our Berry Burst Cheerio loyalists would be from the ages of 2-10 and, subsequently, their parents. Our goal with this target customer is to provide children and their parents with a full-flavored, healthy, and easy-to-prepare breakfast and snack option. The target parents would be very involved with their children’s activities. They coach the local soccer team, drive the local ballerinas to class, and teach their toddlers to count with BBC. This can be a unique target because most of the competing brands/cereals are targeting older or health conscious middle-aged consumers. With BBC we can go after a new target, but still promote taste and health benefits. Below we will position Berry Burst cheerios and move into how we will target to our new consumer base. Our positioning statement for Berry Burst Cheerios: “A healthy, bonding experience between young children and their parents. This child is imaginative, upbeat and wants a full-flavored breakfast or snack while their parents want to make sure they are getting nutritional value. Nutrition and taste go hand in hand when you want your child to reach for the stars.” As previously mentioned, we found a gap between the taste and health benefits SKRB offers and BBC. Our goal is to change the perception of BBC to a wholly nutritious and flavorful food for younger children and their parents; moving it up on

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