Essay On Level 3 Health And Social Care Communication Skills

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effective communication skills level 3 health and social care When working in a residential and nursing home communication skills are very important this is because there are several service users using this service and the care that is provided needs to meet each individual service users need. When people are interacting verbally and none verbally there is an automatic understanding from the person that they are communicating with this is because people understand and communicate in many different ways especially in a residential and nursing home because there are several people that have different disabilities and may not understand a certain way of communicating. In a residential and nursing home it is important that the service user…show more content…
This is because the service users need to be able to communicate well with the carers. Interpersonal communication skills are oral, written and nonverbal methods. However interpersonal communication is usually face-to-face communication which could involve different numbers of participants which could even be in a small space like a consulting room where the service users and family members may have to go to discuss issues with staff in the residential and nursing…show more content…
This means the health and social care professional would have to make sure that the tone and pitch of there voice was at an appropriate level so that the service user was able to take in the information and communicate well with the health care professional. Also another effective non verbal communication to communicate with a blind person could be using brail this is because the will learn and understand brail and the health care professional could use this method to make sure whatever information was been given to the service user was given in the most effective way so that they could

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