Essay on "In Order to Encourage Healthy Eating Higher Taxes Should Be Placed on Junk Food"

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Topic: In many countries, traditional foods are being replaced by international fast foods. This is having a negative effect on both families and societies. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Essay: In the present age, fast foods are playing significant roles in our lives. In the meantime, whether we should replace traditional foods by fast foods has sparked much debate. Some people assert that fast foods are a good fit for current fast-tempo society, while many others argue that traditional foods are more healthy and beneficial to people and society in the long run. Personally I am in favour of the latter view. There is little doubt about the correlation between obesity and fast food, which contains many more calories than a similar-sized healthy meal. Compared to traditional food, fast food does not contain enough nutritions like vitamin. Instead, it is often cooked by heavy oil and salt which would make people under a higher risk of having heart disease and high cholesterol. In addition, traditional food can represent and pass on local food culture, which cannot be well preserved if too much fast food rush into people's lives. Nonetheless, many people feel fast food is very appealing because it is not only hot and tasty, but also constant and convenient. People tend to save time for earning more money rather than sitting down and waiting for a slow but well cooked traditional foods. This concept would make our kids'd mind preoccupied with the idea that junk food can be eaten as staple food for everyday, which would cause detrimental influence on the health of future generations. In the end, I would suggest the government should allocate money in the research that how to make traditional foods meet with city-dwellers' quick life style. We can also put warning symbol like what appears on cigaret to tell people that fast food is harmful to

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