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It Can Kill You? Fast, easy, convenient and maybe even, life-threating? There is no denying that America’s present society revolves largely around fast food. The fact continues to be true with every passing year, thanks to the efforts of the “Fast Food Nation.” The fast food nation consists of the many businesses involved in sustaining the juggernaut affectionately known as the fast food industry. What was shocking to discover from Eric Schlossers “Fast Food Nation” was what may be going on between the time that a cow is beckoned onto a truck, to the time that cow’s meat is being wrapped in printed paper (between two sesame seed buns, of course). The effect on morality of American society through the fast food industry is explored as well as the unsafe production techniques. A quick meal on the way home from a highway trip can now hardly be referred to as “food”. Fast food today is not only unnatural and unhealthy, it may be downright dangerous. It is dangerous for those who eat it and those who are involved in making it. How few details that Americans are aware of about where their food comes from and what may have…show more content…
Their job is to protect and provide in our best interests to be a great country, we need to be filled with great people. Regulating the amount of fast food you consume would not stop you from having choices, nor will it keep you from getting fat, but it would provide the country the fighting chance to live a long and healthy life with minimal chances for disease and suffering. A child doesn't know how to feed themselves beyond shoving food in their mouths. Parents are supposed to teach them what food is good for you and what is not. Our parents are supposed to teach us to be better...teach us. If this same government is good enough to pay for your food, pay you for not working, give you the rights you want, why are they not good enough to make sure you are not killing

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