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In order to respond that question, we need to understand the relation between design and technology as well as its impact on our society. The massive improvement in science and technology has made everyone to become as a so-called “designer”. For example, 3D printer, CNC Machine and Rapid Prototyping allow people to fabricate a product without possessing any design or craftsmanship skills. Moreover, the creation of robots might also replace humans’ role in design industry. How do designers cope with this phenomenon? And how do they differ themselves from robots and technologies? In this case, designers must determine their role and responsibility in society. Designers are problem solvers who are highly ambitious as well as curious to discover and solve our daily life problems. Robots and technologies have its limits and solely used as an instrument to execute designers’ ideas. Despite of its capability, designers are not allowed to…show more content…
As a soon-to-be graduate, preparing and finding the suitable job will be the first obstacle of my career. In this case, the limited experiences and exposures to the real industries make me difficult to justify the value of my personal skills and expertise. Furthermore, I am also concerned whether working under a company will alienate my design and all credits will be given to the company. Therefore, How do I establish and build my reputation as a designer? And does reputation is enough to make me a great designer? From my point of view, these two questions are unlikely to be answered now, but still equally important in the future. After graduating from University, my primary aims are to explore various field of design and expand my knowledge and skills to improve my weaknesses. Although my vision as a designer remains vague for now, I believe that different experiences will help me to uncover my goal as future
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