English Composition Analysis: When Writing Goes Bad

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When Writing Goes Bad Micheal Lyon ENG121: English Composition I (PTD1502W) Candy Henry Feburary 8, 2015, When Writing Goes Bad I take pride in turning my life around and getting my life in balance again. This is why you never let things bring you down. Never give up no matter what. I do everything possible for me to stay on track and focused. This is mainly because of my great support group. Without them I would not have made it this far. One reason my life is out of balance is because of an incident that happened while I was in high school. That is what I feel has ruined learning for me. I use to love to write, stories, poems, songs, and essays. Writing was never an issue for me. I was published…show more content…
I felt no one cared how or what I did. I should have not let that bother me the way it did. I have taken it as a life lesson learned and grown from it. Later I tried going back to school. My goal was to get my education. But appearantly I upset them and they made it difficult to re-enroll. At the time my family lived about 10 feet past the high school districts limits. This was the same address we lived in at the time of my last enrollment that same year. Also two of my brothers still went to this school with this address on file. I was pretty much fed up with high school at that point. So I got my GED a few years later. School has been hard for me since but I am finally getting past it. I cannot even picture where I would be in life right now. I would most likely have a degree by now along with a career, but I probably would not be satisfied. I am happy with where I am today and the career path I have chosen. This has given me the strength I needed to keep me from giving up on things. Willpower means having strong determination that allows you to do something difficult, having a strong mindset to be able to stick to goals, or having the ability to control yourself. I primarily want to become just an addictions counselor. After doing research I found out Illinois only requires a High School Diploma and a certification course of 6 hours. I decided I was not going to take the easy way out, I wanted to do more. If this was going to be my career I want to know I worked hard for

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