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p2 Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role. Suitability skilled staff When having suitably skilled staff, it is not just about recruiting new people. Its making sure that they staff which are being recruited are ready to work and that they have had training. It is important to make sure that the staff is well trained form the job In order to complete the job requires. Without the suitability skilled staff the business would lose money and it would not be able to run a day to day business within its industry. There are three main elements in making sure that the business has suitably skilled staff. And it is attacking the right staff, training the right staff while they arte are work and educating people with the first place to leave full- time education with the right levels of skills. Contracts of employment and job descriptions As part of the requirement process the employee would have to see the job description. The last stage for the employee and the employer would be the job description because they would have to look at the aspects of the job once again to make sure that the employee is happy which is ensuring that the job elements are clear including the hours and salary. Once they have agreed the employee is asked to sign a legal agreement made between them. Within the contract there are specification between the employer and the employee, the contract exists because it’s says what’s expected form the both of them. The employment right act in 1996 states that an employee must receive a written communication during the first eight weeks of employment. The contract contains a lot of information; these terms could either contain express terms or implied terms. The express terms are part of the individual contracts and will have been discussed at an interview with the employee and

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