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TMA 02 – Ready to Eat Part A There are a number reasons why people leave jobs and staff turnover can be high. The main points could be, that they no longer feel motivated, moral in the work place could be having a negative effect, the job they are doing is not what was advertised and my not be happy with the management style. This is just a few factors to take into consideration when people leave jobs resulting in high turnover. One example in the recruitment process that maybe used is, competency based interview questions where you are required to give a specific examples. By giving a specific example it shows you have understood the question and you are competent to do the role should you fall into similar situations. Another process that it used is multiple stage interview process i.e. 2 stage interview. Having a 2 stage interview it gives both the candidate and manager an opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and ask any questions that may have not been asked at 1st interview. In some instances you may meet a senior manager where you will have the opportunity to ask further questions. Along with the two examples above there many other techniques such as presentations, psychometric tests, assessment days and online assessments as part of the selection process. From my experience it depends on what type of role you are applying for, to then decide what techniques are used as part of the recruitment process. Part B Job experience day has both its advantages and disadvantages for the company, staff and the applicant as part I recruitment process. The advantage for the business is they get the opportunity to see the skills of the applicant. Firstly they will get to see the commitment of the applicants by having a start time of 6:30am along with the other colleagues. As mentioned in the case study one in three potential candidates
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