Unit 2 P1 Essay

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P1- Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. I am going to describe the recruitment documentation used in Hardwick primary school. I will also describe the different documents that are used by Hardwick primary school when it aims to recruit its employees. Job Description The purpose of the job description is to give information to prospective employees about what about what the job actually involves by giving the purpose of the job and the types of responsibilities and duties that will be expected as part of that job. Different organisations will have their own job description. Below is Hardwick job description: Person Specification The job description essentially concentrates on providing information about the job. The person specification is a direct contrast; it provides information about the type of person that the organisation is looking for to do the job. The person specification gives a list of requirements, but these relate to the person doing the job. It will have an introduction at the start of the person specification giving details about the job like job title, post reference number management responsibilities (including whom the employee needs to report to and is responsible for). It will then detail attributes that the organisation wants that person to have, for example, their type of personality or intelligence level. Example below: Application Form An application form is a sheet of paper which an employee fills out, to show that they are interested in this job, so the senior team of the certain corporation can positively compare the against others, and choose the best fit for the purpose, also employers that use them usually will use them in the public sector where it’s not about paper-pushing but ensuring there is a systematic way of comparing candidates. Anyone applying for jobs local or

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