Business M1,D1,M2

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D1 – Evaluate the usefulness of documents in the interview use as part of the interview process for a different organisation, in facilitating the interview process. Before our interview we had to create an interview pack that consisted of many documents, all these documents clearly organised the interviewee’s information and the interviewer’s assessment of the interview. The first document I used in the interview was the job description. A job description is a list that a person might use for general tasks, or function and responsibilities of a position in a company. It may include specific requirements such as qualifications or skills they may need and specific duties that the job entails before you even apply for the job. A job description is used as a general guide on the roles you will need to undertake as part of the job and is used to tell people about the standard information such as pay grade and hours you’re expected to work. An example would be a company like Tesco’s would use a job description to inform the people who are applying what the general things they will be asked to do whilst working. The usefulness to the employer is that they have clearly told all of the applicants what they will be asked to do and what the role they will have to carry out, this means that all applicants will already know what they have to do and will save the employer explaining the roles to every applicant. The usefulness to the employee would be that they will have a clear understanding of what they will be asked to do and what days they will be asked to work so this will mean that they wouldn’t have bothered applying if they didn’t agree with the roles. An example of this would be someone applying for a role in Tesco’s wouldn’t apply if the working hours didn’t suit them, saving them a waste of time due to them already knowing the basic but very important
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