Entrepreneurship in Health Care

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Entrepreneurship in Health Care- Reflection Essay HCS/567: Entrepreneurship in Health Care Entrepreneurship in Health Care- Reflection Essay Healthcare in America is unmatched in the quality of care that American citizens receive and the newest forms of technology and procedures are incomparable in all other countries. Entrepreneurs take his or her passion into drive when an idea or service sparks in their mind and runs with it. The idea of being made into an Entrepreneur drives each individual for many reasons: being your own boss, making more money, or personal growth (Barringer and Ireland, 2010). Whatever the reason it takes a special individual to carry out the implementation of a new service. Characteristics and skill levels differ for every individual however; the three that I find most common in all successful Entrepreneurs is passion, tenacity, and intelligence in their field (Barringer and Ireland, 2010). I emphasize these three because each characteristic brings new meaning to the service or system being developed. Passion stems from the core of the individual and the need for achievement. Passion never dies out, it only relights itself for the need of a greater good. Having the love for what a Entrepreneur is creating is a must and will drive the force behind the business. Tenacity in an Entrepreneur demonstrates the ability to persevere through hard times of trial and tribulations. All individuals in any business will go through failure however overcoming these obstacles will make the brand and service of your idea even better. The last characteristic I find important in all successful Entrepreneur is the level of intelligence for the career he or she chooses. Knowing your field and every aspect to it will capitalize on all customers. People want to know the confidence and reliability of what you are giving. Having the education

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