Abnormal Behavior in the Workplace

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Abnormal Behavior in the Workplace More often than not, developing successful teams are becoming more important to remain competitive in the business world. Effective teams can unlock each person’s individual potential and create something much bigger than any one person could do on their own. Many big corporations are using teams to streamline work, to keep individuals motivated, or to best utilize a person’s talent. At the end of the day, teams equal innovation, better communication, and improved customer service. In an effort to foster better teamwork, many companies are focusing more on an individual’s mental health. One may ask, “Why is one person’s mental health important when dealing with a group of people?” The reason it is so important is because one person who displays symptoms of abnormal behavior can wreak havoc on group dynamics. A person who works by themselves and is an alcoholic, for example, only affects his or her own finished product. However, if that same person works in a group on a daily basis, other team members will have contact with his or her behavior. One person with issues can alter how others team members get along, how motivated they are to do their job, and how effectively they complete projects. Abnormal behavior can also cause unsatisfactory customer service and can possibly cause a business to lose customers. Aggression, narcissism, and passive aggressiveness are all abnormal behaviors that are found in the workplace and can have negative effects on the success of a team. For each of these behaviors, reasons why they are considered abnormal and ideas as to how these behaviors can be treated are discussed. Aggression One example of an abnormal behavior in a workplace environment would be any act of aggression. An aggressive act can consist of physical or verbal behavior that is focused on intentionally harming another living

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