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PART A Company Q is missing an opportunity to be a leader in the area of social responsibility within the community they serve and to their employees. Its current attitude towards social responsibility could impact their business for the long-term. They may continue to lose customers if it continues on this current self-destructive business path. They appear to be of the opinion that the high crimes rates are leading to losses. Perhaps they believe that the employees are contributing to the revenue losses and are stealing merchandise. These are all self destructive in nature and could impact their ability to remain in business and keep good employees. Making the decision to close two stores without adequate justification drastically reduces it footprint in the market place. It appears that either the store supervisor or manager is not engaged with the employees and consumers; do not have sufficient training on company ethics policies to enforce them; or they do not have a fully robust ethics program in place to address to ongoing issues. PART B Company Q can take some immediate steps which I believe would turn a downward trend in to positive results. 1) First, the company CEO should meet with the store manager and conduct an in depth reviews the ethics program. During the review they should focus on core values for the company, customer service and employee behaviors. If they’ve identified areas which need to be updated or improved, they need to meet with the employees and obtain their prospective on things. Management doesn’t always have the answers to important issues or concerns. Employees often time offer a viewpoint which is more accurate. 2) The next recommendation which I would offer this company is to look back on the request history from its customers and see if they could begin phasing in more healthy products which have been

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