Mgt498 Week 4 Ethics Research Paper

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Ethics Paper MGT498 Ethics Paper One of the biggest things that big named organizations sometimes tend to forget is that when difficult decisions must be made, they affect everyone within that organization. Whether it be budget cuts leading to loss of hours or layoffs, lower stocks percentages for the shareholders or it can even change things positively, and require more production of hiring. Either way, when issues come up and things change, it is important to keep everyone involved well informed and made in the best interest of those directly affected. In the business world, corporations have a responsibility to the employees as well as the stakeholders to be ethical in their decision making by staying true to their beliefs and behavior to society. When unethical decisions are made, everyone involved in the corporation and its well being are affected in a negative way and will jeopardize the well being of the business. “Ethical responsibilities of an organization’s management are to follow the generally held beliefs about behavior in society” (Wheelen and Hunger, pg 58). An ethical role within the corporation is not mandatory, however it is practiced in most businesses would be giving employees notices of…show more content…
This is a problem that a lot of nig corporations face these days when being funded by investors or government agencies. There are cases from the past where government funds were given to an organization to use for training purposes. When funds are coming and going in an organization, un ethical people do not record all the necessary information to track the funds correctly, showing that there is more available that there actually is. When this happens, audits are necessary to find where the monies are missing from, eventually exposing the guilt parties so that they can be prosecuted for their

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