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Case Analysis: Utiliscan Webster University HRMG 5000 March 6, 2013 Case Analysis: Utiliscan Introduction By looking at the survey conducted by Paul and his team at Utiliscan, we can see several areas that need to be reviewed for improvement by the management there. Talented employees are difficult to attract and some would say even more difficult to retain. Unless solutions are found to the problem areas facing the company, we can surmise those difficulties could become more challenging to resolve. Since profits have been reinvested at the company, the financial position is dire, and now the management must decide how much of the actual profit can be put invested back into making the working conditions better without forcing other key areas of the business to do without, or deal with shortages. These concerns would be especially hard hitting on the R&D division of the organization. We can clearly see by examining the survey, that the company was some distance behind the competition within their business theater, especially when we look closely at the care and well being of employees. A good idea would be to emphasize the areas of strength where the company fared well, thus allowing employees to recognize attempts by leadership to deal with those areas of the survey that were not scored so highly and exposed needs. If the management teams were to focus on those issues where poorer scores arose, and could come up with and implement ways to efficiently and effectively improve those areas, not only could they save costs, they could resolve problems that obviously have a negative impact on the company’s ability to grow. Continual turnover issues and employee dissatisfaction will otherwise continue to plague the organization and hinder potential. Immediate Emphasis Just a brief glance at the survey shows that

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