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Ethical Business Research Georgeanna McLean RES/351 June 4, 2014 University of Phoenix Professor Pamela Campbell Ethical Business Research Ethical behavior is a crucial precondition in business research. Business ethics help ensure that any data collected is honest and accurate; therefore, not bringing any adverse side effects, harm, or repercussions to the researcher, their research team, or the participants volunteering for the study. Surveying is the most popular and inexpensive form of research used to conduct business research. The Houston Improv uses surveying methodology to obtain consumer’s opinions and ratings of the staff and company as a whole. When using this form of research, unethical research practices and misleading information could be used and, which leads to tainted and inconclusive results. The following…show more content…
In this specific case of research for the Houston Improv, the main party that suffers from any form of injury is the employee giving service. Employees getting continual negative comments or ratings could be suspended or terminated, and hypothetically could seek retribution on the customer that initially complained. Unethical behavior not only effects individuals but can affect the organization as well. The company could face injuries if defective data is obtained and viewed as a serious issue, reassessed by management, processed into a plan, implemented, and eventually found to be obsolete, which in the end, cost the company time, money, and may even damage their reputation. Additionally unethical behavior can cause a societal impact by shifting consumer’s opinions of service industries and establishments if continual unethical behavior is revealed to the public eye, therefore, causing less people to attend those types of

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