Closing The Achievement Gap Essay

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Closing the Achievement Gap William R. Barringer Jr. August 11, 2014 MTE/501 Bradley De Boer Closing the achievement gap will probably trend for another thirty years or more. The federal government has created The No Child Left Behind Act to help close this achievement gap. The gap refers to the disparity that exist with the academic performance of Whites versus the academic performance of minorities. The minorities that are primarily referenced are Blacks and Hispanics. “In addition, the laws fail to address the pressing problems of unequal educational resources across schools serving the wealthy and poor children and the shortage of well- prepared teachers in high-need schools." The factors that I believe contribute to performance are teachers and resources. Unfortunately, the complex requirements of the law have failed to achieve the goal of closing the gap and have sparked a number of unintended consequences that in most cases harm the students. Stringent measures have caused districts to compete for funding that is causing an unfair distribution funding to lower income communities. The practices that some of these districts are of a false and malicious nature. Much discussion has gone into…show more content…
Problems often occur in the classroom environment; teachers have to be able to adjust quickly to minimize the problem from escalating. The critical thinking component is essential in and outside of the classroom because teachers will have to interact with an array of people whether it is a student, parent or other faculties. Communicating critical thinking will in most situations provide a smooth transition. Teachers are leaders, and they have to be able to communicate. Poor communication could result in a misunderstanding of information hence creating an environment of uncertainty. Can the standards provide data that accurately measure critical thinking and communication

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