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Leadership Case 10 What do Mr. Cotes ideas on results and learning mean to you? I believe that results and learning are probably the most important parts of learning and leadership to rely on in business. It was neat to read that he is focused on getting results in the right ways. It is very important to set your company up for success in the future while still maintaining the results one is trying to achieve. I believe that learning somewhat comes from being enthusiastic and always willing to try new things. It is very important for a business to always be open for change and the ability to try new technology and strategy in order to improve and become more efficient. Please link Mr. Cotes ideas on leadership to the requirements of a strategic leader. Please describe how learning is tied to both types of development. Mr. Cotes has several examples that show how he is a strategic leader and he gave an example of his dad who was dealing with a angry customer at his gas station and he always learned from that experience that you need to sometimes put your pride aside during times of business. In being a strategic leader one needs to understand your culture, structure, environment, technology and strategy in order to be successful. If one is able to understand how to be a successful strategic leader then you can adapt your personal beliefs in order to make it a part of the businesses culture. How would focusing more on results and learning affect your chances of success in achieving the goals you listed in Leader Case 1? I believe that focusing on results has always been a large part of my future and I am always trying to learn new ways of doing things. I think that results are the main way of measuring success in business as well as school for me currently. If I am able to get my assignments done on time and make good grades on my tests I will have

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