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1.4 Explain the importance of clear principles and policies to support the engagement of parents in their child’s early learning By having clear principles and policies, everyone knows what is expected of them, why and what support is available. Having clear policies in place ensures the parents and the settings can support each other effectively and work together to support the child's learning. I got told to give examples for this so I would look at the policies for your setting and explain how they are clear and how they support the parents. 2.1 Explain and demonstrate how parents are engaged as partners in their child’s early learning Half of this is demonstrate so you also have to show your tutor how you do this in person when they visit you. For the other half I would look at how your setting supports the parents. For example, we have files that we send home with the children to show the parents what they have been up to that day. We send home stories that the parents can fill in at the weekend to tell us what they have been up to. We make 8 weeks plans for the children and when we make these we go through them with the parents individually so they understand and give us their input. 2.2 Explain and demonstrate key relationship building strategies and/or skills involved in working with parents in partnership - Good first impression: This is important to build a good relationship and ensure you both know what is expected of each other when working in partnership - Setting by time: Ensure we always have the time to discuss any needs or concerns with parents when the need it - Value their opinions: make sure the parents know that we value their opinions; have feedback sheets for parents to fill in or listen to the parents when they bring us concerns. - Parents are experts: experts on their own children, make sure they know this and that we

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