Balance Of Loving Your Child Essay

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Barker, Shelton CCOU302 Professor: Heather Medvedenko October 8, 2011 Research Paper Abstract In order to understand how to fully balance the love we have for our children we must first recognize or be able to identify what the term family, love and balance truly stands for and who and what children are needing this balance of love? There are many perspectives of how this balance is supposed to be, there’s a good and bad, professional and non-professional, a secular and spiritual and possible many more. This balance of loving our children, when fully understood could improve friendships, relationship, marriages and most important the connection one has with their own children. Some of the features will include what is a family? What is love? What is balance? Who decided what makes up a family and can we balance our love for our children? By exploring these different avenues the outcome will be easily understood implicitly and directly on how to fully balance the love for our children. The Balance of Loving Our Children The child is an extension of his mother and father and the bearer of their characteristics. During their lifetime they are the joy of their parents’ eyes, while after their death the child or children represents a continuation of their existence and an embodiment of their immortality. The child inherits their parent’s features and stature as well as their mental qualities and traits, the good and the bad, the beautiful as well as the ugly, from the child’s parents. The child is a part of his mother and father's heart and a piece of their body. Over the past twenty years there has been a massive change in family dynamics. Vanished are the days when Mom can prepare a healthy family meal every night of the week. Vanished are the days of lazy Sundays with Dad. Vanished are the days of free time with friends. What is occurring

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