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Endangered Species And Snow Leopard Essay

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  • on January 24, 2009
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Endangered Species and Snow Leopard

There are trillions of living beings, and millions of various sorts of animals as well as plants, which is in our earth. Every type is particular and exclusive. However, а numbers of species are in hazard of being endangered, just as the Snow Leopard. When the last associate of а species departs, that species is supposed to be died out. Never again will there be an additional living thing of that type on the earth.
Earth was once crammed with wildlife and in the past, people hunted without worrying concerning the future. It seemed as though there was а limitless amount of wildlife. We now know that we should also look after their habitats because this is where they find food, water, and protection, as well as а place to have their young. Yet if they are not strong enough, animals will expire out if these requirements cannot be met. In this century, loss of environment has been one of the major causes of destruction. As а human inhabitant grows, people extend out into areas that previously were wild, and they contend with animals for living space. Most of the time animals loose in this battle. "People cut down forests for encumber, clear fields for farms, and plug quagmires to build towns, highways, and factories. Land can as well be empty for such things as mineral mining". (Middleton, Susan and David, p 28)
Scientists are quick to remind us that endangered animals might be а precious resource in the future. When wildlife species are endangered or wiped out, the whole world loses. People in lots of countries are anxious not simply about their own endangered animals but also concerning those in rising countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Lots of species contribute to our world features terrifying threats that may eventually lead to their extermination. Save for now, as we have seen, the depiction is not all miserable. Today there are more opportunities than ever before for caring...

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