Indiana Bat Research Paper

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Indiana Bats are dark brown. In the winter live in caves and abandoned mines. Males roost alone or live in small colonies. Females nest under loose bark of trees or in tree hollows. Indiana Bats are a rare species and is listed on the Ohio state and federal endangered list. They were placed on the federal list in 1967 due to people disturbing hibernating bats in caves and the killing large numbers of bat. Also the commercialization of caves, loss of summer habitat, pesticides, and the disease white-nose syndrome (US fish and wildlife service, 2013). Some animals cannot adapt to change because of that they slowly die away as to their habitat humans gets smaller and more people mess around the caves. The extinction of animals will cause more of what they eat this can affect humans by more humans being bite by mosquitoes. The mosquitoes population will increase and anything else that they eat. The recovery and preservation of these animals is complicated because many people do not care about these animals and what it does to them when we destroy their homes, places that they feel safe at.…show more content…
What are they going to do when they are extinct where will these poachers get their ivory? Fur? Or whatever else they kill for? Everyone has an ethical responsibility I believe we are all on this planet together and should share it equally. We shouldn’t cause damage to creature’s homes just because it is on our land. Shouldn’t put out harmful things like plastic rings that get tangled up in birds feet and wings. Put chemicals in the water which kills everything that lives or drinks that water source. We all need to be careful when we are putting stuff outside. I would do trade-offs for endangered animal. I would do it for any type of animal. Insects are probably the biggest one that I would have to work on since I hate most

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