Endangered Essay

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Book Report My book ‘Endangered’ by Eliot Schrefer, was about a young girl named Sophie who had to fight to stay alive, taking care of not just herself, but a baby bonobo she named Otto. My book interested me in many ways. One way it interested me was because it showed the bond humans can have with an animal, so therefor we should stop people from killing animals. My quote I used is “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”. I chose this quote because it tells us that killing animals happens faster than someone gathering knowledge. Next, this book relates to society because many animals in the world are becoming endangered today. An example of this is the Bonobos from the book. Also, there are many problems in the world today just like the war in Congo. Around the world there are Army’s like the one in this book, that do not care what they are shooting at or killing, even if it is a poor animal that has done nothing wrong. Lastly, people have many problems they will have to deal with throughout their life. In the book, Sophie’s mom leaves the sanctuary to go study Bonobos across town. While she is gone the Congo Army comes and kills the workers at the sanctuary but Sophie gets away with Otto. She has to take care of herself and the baby Bonobo. My views have changed on why no matter what kind of animal it is they all can be in trouble at the same time. Also, my views have stayed the same because I know I should take care of the world and keep the suffering animals in my head. Finally, they have stayed the same because before I read this book I knew about the Congo Army and the tragic things they do. The actions they are doing and making are very wrong. In conclusion, my book was about the bonds that connect us to our fellow creatures, about what we are in danger of losing. Animals are
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