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Petrina Chan Hr. 2 Due 9/19/11 “The Birds” Questions 1. Yes, I do think that “The Birds” was suspenseful. Sometimes, the author left you wondering what was happening outside of the house while the family stayed locked inside the house. Not for a few pages did she reveal that the birds had killed the Triggs and the mailman. Then, Nat realizes there are no signs of life from any of his neighbors' homes because they have all been attacked and eaten by the birds. After that, the reader is left wondering if Nat and his family will remain safe. The author does not tell us, however. The story ends when Nat smokes his last cigarette, and the birds are still attacking. 2. a. Nat worked three days on a farm, and did the lighter jobs because of…show more content…
Nat says that the birds’ behaviors were caused by the change in weather. He mentioned the “weather prophets” said that it had to do with the Arctic Circle. Also, the ground was frozen solid, however, it hadn’t snowed. b. I don’t think that Nat whole-heartedly believes in his explanation of the birds’ behaviors. The main reason that his explanation came about is because he wanted to calm and comfort his family. In addition, one of the main reasons why he goes around asking his neighbors if they have been bothered by the birds is because he is looking for another…show more content…
a. I think that the birds began to attack humans because man is throwing nature out of balance. I also got the feeling that the birds were influenced by the others. In the beginning it was smaller birds that were attacking, such as sparrows and tits, then bigger birds like gulls followed, and soon large raptors were pounding at people’s houses. b. I don’t think that an animal population could really turn against a human population. I love animals and everything, but I don’t think they have the mental capacity to plot an actual attack, or even get in such mass amounts like the birds did in the book. c. I think that the message is that people need to be more sensitive about the natural world. In the beginning, it seems like Nat is the only one concerned about the bird in terms of why they are behaving like so. The people who disregarded the birds and stayed outside ended up getting killed. This shows that we should pay more attention to the ways we are affecting nature. 6. a. I think that most readers expect the family to die. That might sound a bit harsh, but it makes for a more exciting ending, which most people would tend to enjoy more than a boring, “and they lived happily ever after”

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