May Ella Ewell Discrimination

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To understand a person you have to learn how to climb in his/her skin and walk around in it. Well that’s what Atticus always wanted to teach his children Jim and Scout. He didn’t want them to judge a person by there appearance their ways or anything else, but he wanted them to look deep down inside them and see what type of person they were on the inside. He basically taught them that they never really know what a person is going through until they climb inside their skin and see for their selves. Scout learns this lesson that her father teaches her from three very important characters in this story (to kill a mocking bird).Scout sits and watches the racism in Tom Robinson’s trial. She notices the sadness in May Ella Ewell’s eyes and wonders…show more content…
She is Mr.Ewell’s daughter who accused Tom Robinson of raping her and actually won. The Ewells are a very racist family with a lot of issues. Apparently, Mr.Ewell has many children but his wife has been dead for many years. Mr. Ewell had been raping his daughter for many years and one day May Ella decided to do the right thing and tell what her father has been doing to her for all these years. See Scout always could see the upset look on May Ella face during the trial and so could Atticus that’s why he still felt pity on her even though she lied on Tom. It was as though she never really wanted to lie on Tom she just did because her father made her. She knew that all the things that she said Tom was doing to her, her father did them on the daily basics. Again this is another situation that Scout had to deal with and learn that she never really knew what she was going through until she walked in her shoes. Last but not least Boo Radley was another character from to kill a bird that helped Scout learn her lesson. The town of May Comb all thought that Boo Radley is some kind of crazy, guy who kills people. Jim and Scout even though so. They were always scared to go on his porch or in his grass, even though Boo always stayed inside his house. Towards the end of to kill a mocking bird, Scout realizes that Boo Radley was never crazy to begin with. He was just a very shy person but really nice as

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