Persuasive Essay On Grey Wolves

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Gray wolves in idaho During the clinton administration gray wolves were nearly extinct and forced to go onto the endagered species list. Wolves have never had a tough time survivng they are born for the wilderness. Since then, the gray wolf has made an incredible comeback here in idaho. Idaho has over 1,500 wolves and President obama has currently taken them off the endagered species list and is allowing people to be able to hunt them. Some say that the wolves are not biologically ready to be taken off the endagered species list and still need protection. Should wolves still be protected or should they be allowed to be hunted and killed. The grey wolf The grey wolf ranges form about 4 to 6 feet in lengthe and can weigh up to as much as 50 pounds. It is noticible by its distinct thick fur coat which is outlined with a plethoria of silver and mostly grey. They are born for the mountains being able to tred snow very easily. Thye also have distinct yellow eyes which enable them to see better at night. Wolves also have the extinct howing voice which enables them to communicate with other wolves. Indians once said that when the wolves howls it means that they are celebrating a kill. Indians have worshiped the…show more content…
According to jim menster a private breeder of wolves in moscow idaoho, he states wolves have the similar characteristics as dogs and as soon as we learn to get over our fear of wolves we can all learn to appreciate this animal. Many wolves are beeing bred and tried to be introduced to the wild all though once a wolf is domesticated it is very rare for them to be able to survive on their own. Wolves make good pets and are able to function with humans. They have been applied to the sport of doggsledding as recent as the 1950s. Wolves are a crazy animal with a nack for survival. If someone ever breaks in to your house it will be able to protect you better than a

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