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Bio 100 Homework due 11/05/12 Name : Nicholas Oliveira Go to the website on cheetah conservation and read the following sections under the tabs About Cheetahs: Intro, Genetic Diversity, & Race for Survival 1. Why are cheetahs endangered? Our attitudes and misconceptions about these species have led to their endangerment because many people deal with their fear by eliminating predators. 2. What are the 5 most common causes of extinction? -Destruction of habitat for development and to obtain lumber, minerals, oil, and other products. -Introduction of exotic species into new habitats -Pollution -Overuse of animals and plants through collecting, hunting, or poaching…show more content…
Where is the largest group of cheetahs found and how many are there? The largest wild population of cheetahs is found in Namibia. 2500 4. What is the cub mortality rate? The cheetah has suffered from inbreeding, high infant mortality, loss of habitat, a reduction in its prey base, conflicts with livestock farming, and a reduced ability to survive in parks and reserves due to the presence of larger predators. 5. On what continent did the cheetah originate and how long ago? Through the dating of fossil remains, it appears that the cheetah originated in the United States of America in the present-day states of Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming. 6. Where are the cheetahs mostly located now and why? When mammals began to die, so did all the cheetahs in North America and Europe and most of those in Asia and Africa. Cheetahs may have migrated to more suitable environment as ice covered a large part of the northern hemisphere and sea levels fell. 7. At the turn of the century (1900) how many cheetahs were there? and now how many? There was 100,000 now only 10,000 8. What is the scientific name of the cheetah? Acinonyx

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