Endangered Animals Essay

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Introduction: Today I will be discussing the issues involving endangered species and why it is so important to me as an individual. What are endangered species? An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either few in numbers, or threatened by changing environmental or predation parameters. Did you know, 40 percent of all organisms are likely to become endangered or even extinct Unbelievable. Causes of extinction: Endangerment and extinction are not random events which just occur, they do in fact have many causes. Most cases of extinction are a result of the work of humans. For example we create pollution, we chop down rainforests and create many buildings which all severely destruct animal habitats so they have nowhere to live and nothing to ea In addition many people overexploit animals. For example they buy and sell rare and exotic animals for their skins such as crocodiles. Even though this is illegal in many parts of the world, people still do it. Over 5000 elephants per year are also killed for their ivory tusks which are used for jewellery and medicine in some countries. In my opinion this is very inconsiderate and selfish of us humans. Would you enjoy elephants hunting you down for your teeth or skin? Why are animals important? Why should we protect animals that are on the brink of extinction? Not only because we feel sorry for them. But also because it's important to respect the life of an animal. But there are other reasons for conservation, too. Animals hold medicinal, ecological, commercial and aesthetic/recreational value. Endangered species must be protected and saved so that future generations canexperience their presence and value. In medicine, animals are responsible for a variety of useful

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