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Amazon Awareness The South American Amazon is a magnificent place with beautiful sceneries and great landscapes. It hosts many types of spectacular animals like the toucan and chimpanzee, and is home to more than 30 million people. The amazon is 1.4 billion acres of dense forests (Amazon). It also has millions of species along with 40,000 plant species, 3,000 fresh water species, and more than 370 types of reptiles (Amazon). The issue our group chose was the deforestation of the Amazon in South America. We chose this topic because we felt like its important and it is an issue that we need to try to put a stop to or decrease dramatically because it has many negative effects to the animals, the earth, the atmosphere, ecosystems, natural habitats,…show more content…
More than 30 million people including the indigenous people count on the forest for food, agriculture, clothing, and traditional medicines (Amazon). The truth is that some of the indigenous tribes in South America will go extinct along with their unique language due to deforestation. The amazon is home to some of the most stunning animals such as, the gorilla, jaguar, pink dolphin, the macaw, and many others. Deforestation of the amazon is annihilating the homes of these marvelous creatures. Animal habitats are also being destroyed or altered due to deforestation. If this trend continues many well-recognized animals that live there will eventually become extinct in that part of the continent within our lifetime. We used all the types of appeals. For logos we used facts and statistics to backup what we inform people of. Some group members used numbers and facts to make sense and sound credible for their individual roles. The abolishment of the amazon is morally wrong and this applies to ethos because deforestation has many adverse effects to many things. Josh and Kelli used ethos and pathos and talked about how animals and people are affected by deforestation. In the essay the usage of pathos was used when describing the destruction of animal habitats along with the eventual extinction of some of these beautiful

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