Myth an Man as Hunter

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Hassan 1 Seynab Hassan Teacher: Mr. Spree ENG4U 7 October 2013 The Deception of Human Superiority In Barbara Ehrenreich's essay “The Myth of Man As Hunter”, she draws the reader into thinking about human superiority and if it truly is what it is perceived to be. The human being is complex, with a brain programming millions of actions, limbs allowing us to move swiftly, and a reproductive system able to provide us with the miracle of life. The human being is advanced and remarkable. However, is it really as mighty as one would think? We have overcome threats from many predators over the years, but that does not mean we are spared from the newer, stronger, and different predators that threaten our existence here in the 21st century. Human predators have evolved and animals with “claws and fangs”, (Par. 6) are no longer the only threat we have. The world has recently faced us with disease and natural disasters that are proving to be some of the most vicious predators known to human existence today. Unquestionably, disease and illness has been one of the killers of humans since the beginning of time. Waves of disease and sicknesses have taken over vast parts of land and have claimed the lives of millions of human beings. These “microscopic life forms” (Par. 9), as Ehrenreich calls them, are as deadly as beastly predators. The first thing that will come to most of our minds while thinking about human predators is animalistic type predators; however, we seem to forget that there is a much smaller and deadlier predator that awaits us: micro-organisms. Micro-organisms that are very much capable of causing diseases that can kill the human race. Disease has been a predator even long ago with the outbreak of Black Plague in 1347 and in only four years killing 20 to 30 million Europeans. However, Hassan 2 still being a threat more recently, where in Africa 1.5 million
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