Citizen In The Progressive Era

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Citizen In The Progressive Era The middle class was very tough. Women did not have rights and child labor was around. The middle class was the backbone to society. The middle class were responsible for moving forward in the government and also creating four amendments. The U.S. citizens are responsible for helping form large businesses and reforming the government. America went to war in 1901. Citizens were being pushed around by large business owners. The citizens took sides to try and better the lives in this country by upholding beliefs and pushing for new laws. Citizens were responsible for the prohibition laws that were placed during the early 1900s. They also helped abolish child labor and helped create minimum wage. Immigration was also a big issue in the progressive era and people during this time pushed to abolish the illegal entrance of immigrants to the United States. The Progressive Era was a very unclean time; people drink unsterilized water and milk. The meat was also a big issue during this time because it was not packaged properly, which causes bacteria and infections to grow and my people sick. Laws were eventually implemented to stop this and sterilize everything before sale. Four amendments were also put in place because of the citizens during this time pushing to better the United States and bring down corruption in this country. The one that we all know of would be the dreaded income tax laws that we put up with now, but without those our government would not be at the point that it is at today. Women were also granted the right to vote for the presidential office and other laws during this period of time which led to equality. Prohibition was another amendment that was later dropped that prevented the sale and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages in the United States. Many people in the middle class also invented and came up

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