New World And European Colonists

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Premature encounters involving European colonists and Native Americans in the New World led to different relations between each group. The French colonists affected the natives in a positive way, focusing on trading goods with them to collect profit. On the other hand, the Spanish treated the natives harshly and exploited them in order to obtain their riches. Both groups majorly influenced the development of the New World and its residents. The French colonists came to the New World to trade with the natives in order to gain profit back in France. The French desired furs which would bring in a 1500% profit. The French ambitiously relied on giving the natives desirable products for the furs they yearned for. This proved to be more successful than exploiting the natives to physical labor. They would give them items such as alcohol, guns, textiles, metal tools, and pots in return for the elite furs. As the demand for furs rose, they began to corrupt the nature of animals that the Indians followed. Unknowingly the French also killed many natives through illness; the goods that the French offered to the natives carried diseases and led to the death of many Indians because of their lack of immunity. The relationship between the Spanish colonists and the Indians was a callous one and only benefited the Spanish. In the 1500s, the Spanish arrived in the New World with the intent to convert natives to Catholicism, trade, and discover riches. Juan de Onate, one of these explorers, killed thousands of natives in order to gain fame and wealth. The Spanish and Indians also developed the Columbian Exchange; a trade of goods, livestock, and crops, which was beneficial to both sides as it brought new items to both groups. Most of the products that the Spanish gave to the natives brought diseases that the Indians had no immunity to. Cortez even intentionally gave out

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