Response to the Split Horn

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Response to The Split Horn The documentary The Split Horn was about the culture of a Hmong family on how it changed once they got to the United States. There were many parts of the documentary that were very interesting but the most interesting part was when they were sacrificing a pig for the mom and a bull for the shaman because they believed that they were getting sick because there spirit has left them and the way they get it back is by sacrificing an animal. This is very different compared to other cultures. I have not read far enough to compare this to anything from the book we have been reading. I am catholic and this is completely different from how we believe we get sick. They believe that the spirit leaves your body and you become sick. We believe that if you sin there will be a consequence and getting sick is one of them. This is a way God punishes you after you have sinned or have done something bad. The Hmong people believe that our soul is connected to the soul of animals and that is why they sacrifice an animal for the return of there soul. After they are done they would eat the animal they have sacrificed. This would go with how my culture believes how we get our soul clean from all the sins. We would go to church and get a peace of bread, which is supposed to be Jesus, meat and this cleans all the sins. Jesus was sacrificed for all of us, which is explained in the bible. This would go with how the Hmong people get their soul back. I found this part of the documentary the most interesting because this sort of goes with my religion
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