Effects On Bullyin

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The effects on bullying: Bullying is a social problem from society because of how it is emotionally scarring many people and causing them to socially detach themselves. Bullying itself being present in society is a problem because of the many negative effects it has on a person’s life. This in turn can affect many other peoples live such as his/hers family and friends. There are many negative effects on bullying. A few of these negative effects of bullying is how the person starts to feel about themselves and perceives their own self image. The individual’s social life will be affected and sometimes depending on how much they have been bullied their social life completely disappears. Other negative effects off of bullying cause a person to feel unwanted by people and shows how society is doing very little to help them. There is almost always mental damage caused when a person has been bullied. They keep their emotions suppressed and show lack of interest in most things. Other forms of mental damage after a person has been bullied could be that the person is now thinking that everything the bullies say about him are true and start to think bad things about themselves. This could sometimes lead to suicide. Another form of damage that can be caused from bullying is physical damage. This is when bullying becomes more serious. Not only because there are words being thrown at them and insults. Now they are being hit physically. Most forms of physical bullying are when the person is helpless and defenceless while the bully keeps on attacking. This form of bullying leaves both emotional and physical scarring. The short term effects of bullying could be emotional detachment (no contact with people), bruises from physical bullying, trauma and anxiety. These short term effects take a toll on a person because they have no idea how to handle everything that they are now going
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