Bshs 325: A Report On Victims Of Bullying

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Bullying Report Leeve Menyon BSHS 325 Robert Vado June 12, 2015 Bullying? One of the topic society addresses each day. It could be at home, in the community or at school. Bullying is when superior uses strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Bullying could cause some effect on victim; it could cause victims to have low self-esteem and other problems later in life. In some cases victims of bullying could cause a person to avoid family because they do not like to be bothered. Victims of bullying doesn’t get helps at early stage, it could lead to them having issues in a long run, which could lead to psychological issues. Bullying is all begin from having power and abuse the other…show more content…
When kids are being pushed around or picked on all the time, most cases it could lead to thoughts suicide or in some time they can follow through with committing suicide. Because they feel no one loves them. Victims of bullying experience high level of depression; anxiety and they may even feel empty. Victims of bullying sometime have abnormal eating habits, the see food as a comfort; it lead to weight gain. If a student is being bullied at schools they may start to missed school as well as skip classes or even dropped at of school. People who ted to bully others had being bullied sometime in the past. People who bully others at time may do it because they are not being love or getting the attention they one from their loves one. There are many types of bullying. Bullying could happen in many forms, it could be cyber, verbal or physical. Everyone can be prevented bullying from happening. At school and the community teachers, counselor and community leaders can look for change in behavior in people to identify a bully. Examples of verbal bullying could be the names calling and taunting. Physical bullying is involved the intent a person to hurt the other party. With physical bullying, it consists of violence such as fighting, pushing and objects…show more content…
Family plays a huge role in building strong and positive relationship with member of their family and friends. And it also builds good connection. So therefore children who are from a happy home and parents are support are less like to full to bullying. They know that they are being love and negativity would get to their mind. They have a good esteem. When a child is being bullied, it usually begins from school or public setting. So therefore we all watch out for bullying and help prevent it. “Bullying is a problem that many children experience outside the home, especially at school” (Dracic, 2009, Pg. 218). As a counselor it is important that we address this issue not only with our own children, but also with the children that we work with every day. One must remember that “bullying can have some serious effects on a child’s self-esteem and health – effects that could last way beyond childhood” (O'Moore & Kirkham, 2001, Pg. 273). So therefore a happy home, equal a happy, strong and healthy kids. References: Dracic, S. (2009). Bullying And Peer Victimization. Materia Socio Medica, 21 (3), 216-219. O'Moore, M. M., & Kirkham, C. C. (2001). Self-esteem and its relationship to bullying behaviour. Aggressive Behavior, 27(4),

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