Essay On Discriminatory Practice

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Discriminatory practice in health and social care. Discrimination has many meaning and many different ways people can discriminate against others. Discriminations can be as simple as a person making a judgment against a service user by the way they dress or the way they speak or it can be service users that are discriminated (out casted/left out) because they choose to be different, have a disability or different colour of skin or even religion. Discrimination is unfair treatment of a person action based on prejudice. There are many forms of possible discriminatory practice in Health & Social Care, for example: • Labelling or stereotyping people e.g. making assumptions, being prejudice • Avoiding service users because they’re different • Using negative body language to service users because they’re different…show more content…
Discriminatory practice can have a very negative effect on people because it could hurt their feelings or even some types of discrimination can physically hurt them. All different types of discrimination can lead to someone not using health and social care services and this could lead to poorer health. The impact that discrimination has on everybody involved is very big and can affect people in many different ways. Service users who are discriminated against by their service provider may feel disempowered, feel less powerful or loss of confidence meaning the individual’s sadness will occur because of the feeling of neglect, anxiety and they will finally disengage and withdraw from others. The individual who is being discriminated against may feel depressed because they have lost the fight against
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