Effects Of Technology Essay

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Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has absolutely skyrocketed. It is believed that technology is improving so rapidly that by tomorrow, what was new technology today will already be outdated. The idea that humans have become so reliant on such a fast paced movement is daunting. Children are now growing up using advanced technologies that the older generations never dreamed possible. This is affirmative in the sense that the world has been making tremendous strides to improve from the past; although these technological advances have lead to a sense of childhood deprivation for the younger generations. It tends to be a perpetual trend that children get so caught up in their gaming systems that they aren’t fully attaining the human interaction necessary for a successful adult life. Instead of chasing each other around the playground, or writing notes in class, they are using virtual interactment games and texting in school. Although these technologies may define convenience for most of the other generations in society, we must keep in mind the children’s futures. Seemingly convenience may be misconstrued with dependence, not only for the younger generations, but for all generations. As the years progress, so does the amount of information stored in technology. Making the switch to exclusive data using technologies or electronic payment systems has provided the network with our entire lives. Ranging from pictures to personal identification, as well as some of the deepest secrets and private information imaginable, it’s all exposed. This is a very captivating source for hackers, which I feel has lead to the outrageous amount of identity theft up to date. The technology fascination has also stretched to the schooling experience. Previously students were engaged in their learning experience by practices such as mental math and manual research. As of the recent

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