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Hacking is a major issue in today’s society. While the normal response is to consider hackers a burden to society, as they are disruptive or invading the privacy of others, there are multiple forms of hacking. The hacking method discussed throughout this paper is hacktivism: hacking with a purpose of advocating or proving a point. Through hacktivism, individuals are able to manipulate security in order to make the public aware of their agenda, good or bad. The methods used by an activist are considered harmful or helpful to society depending on the format, message, and other various factors that surround the willingness of an activist to prove his or her point. Through hacktivism, activists use the Internet as their public forum. Although hacking is wrong in many ways and most people look down upon it, it has some positive aspects to it. Hacking can have positive outcomes in a many aspects, but the two aspects most important is it brings into light the weaknesses of systems and applications, and also provides a transparent government, organization, entity, etc. We are living in a world in which we are increasing relying on computers, and information technology to make our lives better and more efficient. For example, in the past we use to shop in stores, however now-a-days we can do our shopping on sites such as Amazon and eBay, and pay through PayPal. But how secure are these websites, applications, or severs? To answer this question, there are organizations that do nothing but try to hack these, and other, applications. Another example, in the early 2000s there were numerous reports of companies engaging in fraudulent activities. These actions resulted in congress passing the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) act. This act, among other things, states that organizations and businesses must provide internal controls over financial reporting. However, unlike the

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