Editor On Illegal Immigration

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Dear Editor: Americans are living through difficult times. Americans are stressed over education, lack of job, and poverty. Should people from South of the border be blamed and criminalized in the court of public opinion for trying to have a better life? Illegal immigrants should be able to cross the border because they are an asset to America. They help keep the economy moving, by filling low-wage jobs, it also provides a better lifestyle for them, and millions of illegal’s rent properties in depressed areas, where renters are hard to find. They said that illegal immigrants will not pay sales taxes, this is not true because if illegal immigrants came to the U.S they would keep the economy moving, by low-wage jobs and eventually pay their sales taxes. They would also make their lives easier and won’t have to owe sales taxes.…show more content…
This is not true because when the illegal immigrants get a better education and would get a better lifestyle for those who enter the country illegally. The immigrants would pay back all the funds that they lost, for the teaching that

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