Why Poles Imigrate ?

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Nowadays more and more people try their luck in going abroad, because of economic reasons especially. The lives they have in their homeland are not satisfying enough for them, so they try to change it by starting a totally new life somewhere else. Firstly, inequality in salaries is one of the main reasons why people decide to go abroad. For example, Poles claim that people from Western Europe doing the same job as they do, get much more money for their work. That is why, many of them are tempted by higher wages in the West. Secondly, people who choose going abroad to work are joined by their families after some time. They are of hope that in a new country there will be better opportunities for education and work, life would be simpler and easier and the standard of living will rise. On the other hand, leaving a country by highly-educated and skilled workers can have a negative impact on our country's economony by weakening it. The rate of unemployment will grow which means fewer hands to work and not proper development of any branches of industry. Moreover, a long separation between family members can weak family ties. Currently, we can hear about a lot of cases when a person immigrated to the West and did not want to come back to homeland. The number of families who where left on its own is growing constantly and their economic situation is getting worse dramatically. To sum up, I am of the opinion that there should be taken some steps for stopping the wave of Poles going abroad. The thorough changes in many spheres of country's life have to be made in order to rise the standard of living

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