Conflict Theory In Health And Social Care Essay

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Social care values are important when working with the McPhail family as the values ensure that they are protected and their rights are promoted. The social care values that underpin practice are the value of respect for the worth and dignity of every individual and the value of according social justice and promoting social welfare. If a service user is treated with respect and dignity this will increase their self-esteem and self-worth resulting in improvements in their behaviour, family life or an increase in opportunities available to them. As the family are travellers they are likely to be victims of marginalisation and discrimination and according to a poll conducted in 2003, 34% of people admitted to being personally prejudiced against…show more content…
Conflict Theory has a macro sociological approach which means it has been done on a large scale using statistics, figures and research. One main feature of Conflict Theory is that there are power differentials within society and that these are in place to control and constrain those who aren’t in power to enable them to keep valuable resources to themselves resulting in those who are not in power or within the “ruling classes” to face inequality as they are unable to access these resources. These resources are private education, health care and better quality of housing amongst others. Another feature of Conflict Theory is that this conflict will result in change and that society is ever changing. While this feature can be used to explain incidents and changes that have occurred within society there is still a large gap between the resources available to those who are considered lower class or underclass compared to those with wealth within the United Kingdom and according to The Guardian newspaper inequality has risen faster in Britain than in any other country since 1975. The family would be unable to access the resources that would be available to those in power due to their wealth and social status however due to these factors Conflict Theorists would suggest that they would never gain access to them as the “ruling classes” would continue to oppress the lower classes in order to keep the resources for
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