What Problems Do Immigrants Pose To The Economy, Employment And Society?

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Nowadays people tend to talk about globalization, about a world who doesn’t admit any borders. Unions are all around promising free trade or better market for intelligent young people to search for. The truth is not as favorable as it seems. Still we cannot talk about a world without borders, when our society is still using the words Immigrant and E migrant. Every country still has its laws and its borders and thus the flow of people who leave or arrive within it is an ongoing debate on the policies, the pros and cons and every other aspect of it. Immigration is something that is happening around, even faster lately because of the world economical crisis that makes people search for better opportunities. For some countries it is a new phenomenon, but in others it is the normal way and dream. People run amazed by American Dream or any other ideal living in a state that they have in mind or have heard of. Sometimes it is just the opposite, sometimes it works well. Well developed economies would benefit largely from the immigrants, because there the labor market is highly-stretched upwards. There is no one to fill in the niche for low-paid service workers or those involved in physical and hard work. That is the place of the immigrants, and that is the new form of slavery in the 21st century. The raise in GDP doesn’t come mainly from taxes, because even if they are legal immigrants (which are not the case usually) they have minimal income. The raise in GDP comes mainly from the production that those workers manufacture. Immigrants are the lower solid base of every industry. Another plus for the economy is that those people, who migrate, are highly motivated to succeed and this makes them better employees. They have no one behind their backs, so they know every single mistake could be hurtful for their job position. Some immigrants who become legal and stay in the

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