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Illegal immigration is becoming a problem in the United States. When asked what should be done about illegal immigration, most people would say, deport them. While this is a solution it is not a practical one. A solution to illegal immigration is to start billing those counties for the services provided to illegal immigrants in the United States. This is the right choice because if, for example, Mexico is charged for the serves then they may be more willing to fix their own county to make it a more reasonable choice to stay. Also, money being provided to help immigrants will be being paid back and helping to fix the national debt and lower immigrant levels would offer more jobs for American citizens. Most illegal immigrants flee their counties…show more content…
However, they just continue to come back to the United States. Deporting the illegal immigrants is not an effective way to handle this problem. Another idea to decrease illegal immigration is to increase the amount of border control workers. While this can stop many illegal immigrants and Rigby 3 create more jobs for United States citizens it will just barely put a dent in the amount that still enters the United States every year. A solution to this ever growing problem would to be for the United States to begin charging the countries in which illegal immigrants are coming to the United States from. This is a good solution because it might serve as an incentive for the country to improve the living conditions of their own country. Another reason is that the money coming from charging the countries could be used to help pay the national debt to help boost the economy and less illegal immigrants would ensure more jobs for legal…show more content…
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