Decline Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration is a major issue in the U.S. There has always been a discussion on how to handle illegal immigrant such as should they be allowed to stay or should they be deported. Yet if we really want to solve this issue we have to ask what are the causes for illegal immigration. One major reason for illegal immigration is economic. In Mexico 50% of Mexicans are poor. Also 1/5 of Mexicans live in absolute poverty. Mexico also has high unemployment. As 38% of men are unemployed for at least a month, 48% of women have trouble finding a job, and 40% of people without a high school education are jobless for large amounts of time. Illegal immigrants who work in agriculture, construction, and manufacturing can expect an increase…show more content…
As drug smugglers have started to participate in human trafficking and one of the groups at most risk to be kidnapped is people who go through Mexico to get to the U.S. It isn’t uncommon for people trying to immigrate illegally to go missing trying to get to the U.S. Recently 72 illegal immigrants from Central trying to get to the U.S were found dead. It is suspected they were killed for refusing to do work for drug traffickers. The second reason for a decline in illegal immigration is an improving Mexican economy. As more job opportunities and increase in wages has resulted in those who would be willing to immigrate illegally to stay home. As most who immigrate illegally would rather stay at home and work than to take a risky journey into the U.S and be away for long periods of time. The third reason for a decline in illegal immigration is a declining American economy. With lower job opportunities in the U.S illegal immigration has declined because most of those who would immigrate illegally don’t want to risk a dangerous and expensive journey and not find even find a job in the U.S. Therefore it is more sensible to stay at home and…show more content…
It is influenced by many economies of both U.S and Mexico. As if U.S economy is doing well and the Mexican economy is doing bad then there is more incentive for Mexicans to immigrate to the U.S. Plus the cost of actually getting into the U.S since it has risen quite a bit. If illegal immigrants have to pay more to get a job but have less guarantee of finding a job it ruins the entire point of going to the U.S for economic reasons. However, if it is reversed then there isn’t any incentive for Mexicans to immigrate to the U.S. Another factor is safety as the trip to U.S is fairly dangerous especially those who are traveling through Mexico have to deal with drug cartels. Another large influence is crime as it becomes increasingly more dangerous to get to the U.S through Mexico because of drug cartels. So many potential illegal immigrants are deterred by the risk of being knapped or

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